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The third and penultimate session of the GMWF Footgolf League was played today, 15th June 2018 under cloudy conditions but thankfully the rain held off apart from a few drops now and again.

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Top 5 Leader Board 15.06.18

The leader board from last month has changed dramatically with leader Stuart Greaves having a disastrous round of 69 to leave him in fourth position on a total of 192.

Guy Hampson, two shots behind Stuart after the May session, had a remarkable round of 58, the current record for the lowest score on 18 holes. Guy is now the current leader, 5 shots clear of last years winner and currently second placed, Steve Colesby.

Three shots behind Steve is Bill Charlton on 191, followed by the aforementioned Stuart Greaves on 192. Fifth placed Kevin Williams shot a 69 and agreed it had been a bad day’s Footgolf for himself.

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The June 2018 Footgolfers

Everyone seemed to enjoy the session despite some poor scores and it’s still all to play for in the final session on 13th July.

Our very own Paul Gardner has threatened to enter the mix, boasting of rounds of nine holes completed in 24, or was it 27 Paul?

It will take some doing to overall leader Guy Hampson and the first prize reward of an all inclusive 14 day holiday in Bermuda for the winner and their partner. Steve Colesby looks to be in line for the second prize of a weeks caravan holiday in Rhyl and although Stuart Greaves had set his heart on the third prize of two weeks in the Rhyl caravan, that now looks to be a pipe dream.

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The second session of the GMWF 2018 Footgolf league was played in bright sunshine on Friday 18th May 2018. Twenty five footgolfers took part with some very low scores recorded.

Top of the Leader Board after two sessions is Vintage Celtic’s Stuart Greaves with a score of 123. Closely behind Stuart is Third Space Senior’s Guy Hampson on 125. Three Rochdale AFC Strollers players are in third to fifth spot. Bill Charlton and Kevin Williams, last years joint runners up on 127, and last years winner Steve Colesby on 128.

Five other players are in the one thirties but highly unlikely to catch the top five in the two session left to play in June and July.

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Top 5 Leader Board 18.05.18

The best team score was Third Space Super Stars with a total of 253, the best team score to date. So it’s all to play for and promises to be a very tight finish to determine the winner of the GMWF 2018 Footgolf League. See Gallery at Bottom of page.

Thanks to Barry Woodburn for his administrations and photography on the day.

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Some Of The GMWF Footgolfers 18.05.18


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Leader Board 13th April 2018

The GMWF Footgolf League started on Friday 13th April 2018. 7 teams competed on a dull cloudy day, fortunately the rain held off until all teams had completed the 18 holes. Lowest score was 16 year old Mathew Williams with a 59, which included a hole in one. Well done Mathew, you also beat the ‘old fella’.

Winning team was ‘Still Breathing’ (Vintage Celtic), with a score of 257. ‘Third Space All Stars’ had a 277, ‘Rochdale Eagles’ a 278, ‘Roach Dynamos Clubfoot’ a 282, ‘Third Space Super Stars’ a 287 and ‘Third Space Seniors’ a 309. The ‘Kev & Son’ team of 2 graciously declined to double their score, which would have put them in first spot with a 248.

Many thanks to Paul Gardner for his excellent administration on the day and for the refreshments afterwards.

See Gallery at Bottom of page.

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The Footgolfers Line Up For The Start 13.04.18.


The inaugural Footgolf league starting on 13th April 2018, will have the following teams involved – ‘Blue Celts’, ‘Blue Vints’, ‘Club Foot’, ‘Rochdale AFC Eagles’, ‘Third Space Seniors’, ‘Third Space Superstars’ and ‘Third Space Wanderers’.


The Greater Manchester Walking Football League in conjunction with Link4Life have decided to form a Footgolf League for teams that play in our walking football programmes.

We had an inaugural one day Rochdale Footgolf Open competition in August 2017 which was a huge success and which made the decision to start a Footgolf League an easy one. See poster below for details.

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GMWFL Players At The Rochdale Footgolf Open 07.08.17

Footgolf League

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Footgolf League — 5 Comments

  1. Another fun day out despite my playing as though I had my shoelaces tied together. A special mention for our playing partner Ian who took 7 shots OFF his 18 hole score to record his best ever! Thanks again Bill and Paul, looking forward to the last round already.

  2. Great sport this and absolutely funny but serious, it’s impossible to miss the hole you would think until you try it. Great day out and afterwards sausage rolls which are delicious even without brown sauce or mustard.
    Colin still breathing at 75.

  3. This is a great event, played in a great spirit, which as we have seen recently is just as important as any other aspect of the game. Thanks a lot to all of the guys who organise and take part!

  4. Fantastic day! All the lads enjoyed every bit, well done to Ken aka Rashford (Third Space Seniors) for his hole in one on hole 5, brilliant, looking forward to the sunshine on the next Footgolf day. Guy – Third Space

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