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    Spring season over. The Nash Amblers may well be back. Time will tell.
    Some issues around Referees, some instances of well, lets call it over exuberance
    tinged with cynicism and a measure of aggression , but these were relatively few. Furthermore
    I don’t completely exonerate our own players in this regard either.

    Over 60’s and beyond is definitely the way to go for both of the groups I am involved with.

    In an effort to relieve the WFU of some of their negativity I have praised this league and its essence, to
    the people behind that organisation – I do find that their negativity – admittedly towards the Over 50’s game in the main – is somewhat draining. Positivity, at whatever age level needs to be highlighted.

    It’s never going to be totally ‘non-contact’ and the competitive arena will never be totally free of foul play. Much of the Refereeing at Heywood was very good and the competition itself – on a self-admitted ‘learning curve’ seems to be headed in the right direction.

    I am speaking largely as a spectator, I only managed twelve minutes on the pitch this time. Others in our group may feel differently. I shall be consulting them very soon.

    In conclusion, thanks to the organisers for organising, the Ref’s for Reffing and the Player’s for taking part. We look forward to meeting the overwhelming majority of you again.

    Tameside Striders will be at the ‘Over 65 Knockout Cup’ on June 9th.

    Alan Richards

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