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    Mike Conroy

    Hi, Having taken part in the first session today, I’ve had a few thoughts about the playing time for each game. I know it’s usual for each team to play all the other teams on the day, but what’s the concensus regarding playing 3 x 20 minute games per session and play the balance of fixtures the following session. This means only playing each team twice overall in each tournament (thrice for this one), but – having spoken to players from various teams today – the ten minute games seemed too short. I think 20 minute games would be preferred by most. We could play 6 x 10 minute games for the March session and then maybe try the new format from April/May and again in the autumn tournament, assuming the same number of teams take part. Comments welcome, cheers all.


    Alan Richards

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    I can see merit in Mike’s suggestion for the rest of the Spring League, more especially if no team comes forward to join the league in March. Hopefully, by the Autumn there may be more teams waiting to join. Twenty minute games should hopefully lead to more goals and a fairer illustration of the differences in teams abilities with fewer nil-nil draws. A test of stamina for Over 65’s though,for sure. I wonder if this were adopted if all teams could get one extended break (15 minutes or so) between one of their three games to get their breath back. Three games of 20 minutes with five minutes in between would be demanding – especially as these games are more intense (mind set as much as physicality) than most of us experience in internal sessions. Thanks for the emphasis on non-contact. I think most players are getting the message.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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