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    With us having to cancel tomorrows March session of the Over 60’s Spring League, due to snow and sub zero temperatures, it raises the question of do we need a longer Winter break?

    We have already changed the start of the 2019 Spring season for the Over 60’s and Over 65’s leagues from February to March. We were extremely lucky to play the February session of the Over 60’s league, when snow and ice threatened to ruin the day. Fortunately the covering cleared in time for the fixtures to go ahead but the March session wasn’t so lucky.

    The 2019 Spring season now means that the final session will be in June. With July and August being the main holiday months it doesn’t leave much room for manoeuvre. We start the Autumn season in September and that finishes in December. Even November and December can see severe wintry weather.

    I suppose, it will be a case of fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

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