GMWFL Managers who have served in the various age categories.

Simon Atherfold
Ron Blakeley
Steve Colesby
Peter Davenport
Pete Hampson
Stewart White

Players who have represented the GMWFL in various age categories.

Simon Atherfold (Kingsmaid)
Phil Ball (Fleetwood Town Flyers)
Nick Carter (Blackpool Senior Seasiders)
Bill Charlton (Rochdale WFC)
Andy Clark (Bolton Arena)
Paul Crosby (Manchester Corinthians)
Tony Breslin (Kingsmaid)
Peter Davenport (Kingsmaid)
Vincent Dugdale (Moston Brook FC)
Steve Falconer (Kingsmaid)
Frank Flynn (Blackpool Senior Seasiders & Manchester Corinthians)
George Friemann (Rochdale WFC)
Nick Gash (Carlisle SOA)
Dave Grayson (Moston Brook FC)
Stuart Greaves (Manchester Corinthians)
Peter Hampson (Manchester Corinthians)
Bob Hartley (Rochdale WFC)
Ken Hitchell (Kingsmaid & Manchester Corinthians)
John Hudson (Rochdale WFC)
Dave Hunter (Manchester Corinthians)
Steve Hyde (Blackpool Senior Seasiders)
Tom Jaques (Blackpool Senior Seasiders)
Dennis Johnson (Kingsmaid)
Dave Jones (Panthers)
Chris Kershaw (Bolton Arena)
Phil Killey (Wakefield Wanderers)
Allan Macleod (Preston North End Senior Whites)
Kevin Malone (Manchester Corinthians)
John McNally (Manchester Citizens)
Kevin Mooney (Kingsmaid)
Alf Murphy(Salcom)
Colin Myers (Bolton Arena)
Terry O’Rourke (Bury Relics)
Ray Richards (Manchester Corinthians)
Dave Roe (Rochdale WFC)
Stuart Saint (Kingsmaid)
John Sander (Kingsmaid)
Garry Sweeney (Bury Relics)
Mick Tarpey (Manchester Corinthians)
Ian Thomasson (Bolton Arena)
Alan Thompson (Rochdale WFC)
Sam Truesdale (Fleetwood Town Flyers)
Wai Hong Tsang (Blackpool Senior Seasiders)
Chris Vickers (Salcom)
Dave Wandless (Wakefield Wanderers)
Clint Walmsley (Fleetwood Town Flyers)
Graham Walton (Bury Relics)
Steve Walton (Bolton Arena)
Frank White (Fleetwood Town Flyers)
Stewart White (Manchester Corinthians)
Jeff Whyment (Rochdale WFC)
Kevin Williams (Rochdale WFC)
Terry Williams (Rochdale WFC)


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