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GMWF League 2020 Review & 2021 Preview — 13 Comments

  1. Hi Bill, a lovely piece for your players and congratulations again on those team stats. There’s absolutely no doubt every single player across the land will be itching to make their return when safe to do so. What a beautiful thing walking football is!

  2. Hi All, like everyone else was under starters orders until this new virus showed up, but grin and bear it, we will return older, slower but with much more enthusiasm for the time missed, take care all.

  3. Evening all and well done on all the great work you are doing. I am 50 tomorrow so am at the beginning of my walking football journey. Is there an over 50s league in the pipeline? Cheers Mark.

  4. Thanks Bill for the contact. Hopefully we’ll be able to resume the over 70s league first after vaccination. There has to be some compensation for being old! This long layoff may prolong our careers. There’s nothing any of us can do but stay in, keep safe and wait. Let’s hope there is a dramatic fall in the numbers and we get on top of this dreadful virus. Cheers.

  5. Well said Kevin, yes it has definitely been a 2nd chance at football and in a great well organised league. Well done to all, can’t wait to be back.

  6. Bill: Appreciate you taking the time to contact clubs/groups about the current state of play or more accurately the lack of it. These are dark days indeed for many of us. Losing our game represents just one of the many restrictions and challenges we face. With more draconian measures beckoning (probably rightly), we appreciate your communication. As the days get ever so slightly longer, the weather eventually a little warmer and the hope of a vaccine led recovery to something perhaps approaching normality later in the year, we wish you well in your efforts to get the various competitions back on track eventually. Our members have been given a link to this page. Thanks.

  7. It’s been a very sad year for grassroots football throughout the whole country. We have missed the GMWFL very much due to the lockdown, particularly as we regard this as the best League Organisation in existence for us older players.

    A lot of the hard work that has gone into the past 5 years will not go to waste though. When we return (most of us in a higher age group!) I am sure that we can continue where we left off. We look forward to meeting up with all our old friends. Some of us will be a little slower (not a bad thing) and greyer, but the enthusiasm will still be there as well as all the old silky skills previously demonstrated.

    Best regards to all our footballing friends at GMWFL.
    Steve Hyde (on behalf of Blackpool FC Senior Seasiders)

  8. Thanks for this Bill, it’s great that you make the effort to keep everyone involved, was going to wonder where you get the time but these days it’s in plentiful supply for all of us I guess!
    Like you, and I’m sure all of our Walking Football friends, I am simply sitting tight and waiting for the day when we can resume our second chance football careers.
    Can’t wait, until then take care everyone, be patient and stay safe, we’ll get there. Cheers.

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