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GMWFL Over 75s Cup Tournament 2023 — 8 Comments

  1. I will echo all the comments made so far.

    It was an honour and a privilege to play with all these elder statesmen who certainly kept all the goalkeepers on their toes. We have mostly played together now for nearly 8 years and great friendships have been developed. Well done to the organisers – Bill, Paul, Steve – long may this jewel in the crown of Walking Football continue.

    The 75’s league is not far off coming. Pure Walking Football at it’s best.

  2. A really enjoyable tournament, with excellent referreeing. Amicable but competitive. Let’s hope the over 75 league can get off the ground. Thanks to Bill Murney and organising committee for making it happen and special thanks to Bill for helping us out on the pitch.
    Richard Wilkinson, Preston North End Seniors WFC.

  3. Bill is absolutely right [there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!] – everyone who played in this competition was a winner. The football was excellent. Well organised and refereed as always; I hope I eventually get to play in this tournament too.

  4. Absolutely outstanding mini tournament, and some wonderful football played by these old fellas.
    Well done to all who took part, especially the managers😉

    Over 75’s…..? It’s the future! Bring on the next one 😀

    Steve Colesby, Rochdale AFC WFC

  5. Great event, great players, great goalkeepers, great referees, great people who put this event on for the young players at heart, I mean over 75s.

  6. A great little tournament, excellent facilities and of course terrific organisation. Good spirit among all players in our advancing years. Pleasure to take part. Thanks again Blackpool Over 75 Senior Seasiders.

  7. It was a great occasion with great camaraderie between all teams. We only had Matt as a referee and collectively, as a team, we thought he was absolutely excellent. Unlike some refs, he displayed a high level of common sense when in charge of 12 seriously old opinionated gits in their equivalent of The World Cup Final.

    Les Turner. Chairman Blackpool Senior Seasiders

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