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  1. Well done to the organizers for last year, I know they’ll do as good a job this year.
    Looking forward to the new “Zimmer League”, just hope there are a few teams out there.
    We are putting a team out from Blackpool, if we get pass outs from, Matron.

    If we don’t get many teams, are you making the games longer as you’ve done in the past?
    All the best to my new Walking Footy mates, Ken P. ⚽️⚽️⚽️

    • Nine teams have so far indicated their intention to take part in the Over 65’s League. Hopefully we will be able to make it two divisions of five teams.

  2. A Happy New Year to all on the dark side from Wakefield Walking Football. I am sure that 2018 will prove to be as successful as previous years for all involved in the GMWF League. An excellent League with super competitions, all played in the right spirit. Many thanks to all who participate and in particular Bill, Paul and the lads who organise and ref the matches. We are looking forward to 2018.

  3. Just wanted to say a big thank you to yourself and all the other guys committed to organising our walking football league on behalf of all of us at Bury Relics.

    I for one have found a new lease of life since being involved via the Relics and am thoroughly enjoying every aspect of it.

    Our team is not just a team now but fast becoming firm friends who are beginning to have a social side as well as the football itself.

    We are also growing which of course we need to do, as our players get older they can move onto the older age group sections of the league and be replaced by newer members joining……long may it continue.

    Regards, Keiran, Bury Relics

  4. Can’t wait to start the new season, Bill.

    GMWFL is one of the best organised and well run groups in Walking Football. The additions to age groups and rules
    is more than welcome.

    Steve Hyde (AFC Blackpool)

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