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Manchester Walking Football 60s April 2019 — 7 Comments

  1. Let’s all remember that players are over 60 and any injuries take longer to heal. By allowing players in the area the possibility of injuries are increased. The other two venues I play at have the same size goals and some weeks numerous goals are scored.

    In the last session a number of comments were made about the refereeing. If teams would like to give the organiser’s the names of referees they feel are incompetent, then if one is myself, I will stand down.

    • If ANYONE wants to complain about the refs then let THEM take their places. Believe me it is a tough job, I have done it many times and am glad I have been able to give it up. Well done all of those men in the middle, the organisers and those who appreciate everything that is done for them!

  2. We have some very good keepers in this league, in every team, credit where credit is due please, this is a big contribution to the lack of goals. From a member of the goalkeepers union 🙂

  3. Think the easy solution is to either limit the size of the goalkeepers – they must be no taller than 5 foot….. or make the big keepers play on their knees…..!
    Goals are at a premium but can be scored – you have to work hard or have some luck.
    Think we are all fortunate to play in such a good, well run league. As always thanks to Bill, Paul, Barry and the officials.

  4. The solution to the lack of goals is so simple. There are plenty of shots but unfortunately very few are on target. So come on lads the answer is with you.

  5. Great day on Thursday, very close in two of the divisions, not so close in the other. As for the goals size, it’s the same for everyone so who ever complained, practice your shooting.

    Great organisation again so thanks to all concerned and a big thanks to the refs. If they don’t turn up we don’t play. Cu all soon, Mick T

  6. No complaints from Blackpool except that Wai lost the toss 4 times and we had to play against an icy wind. I had headache by the end!

    The only way to reduce the areas is to have cones, which will then kick away out of place and make judging in and out the D almost impossible.

    If teams have problems they need to find another League. They won’t find one better run and better played. Get on with it. Cheers Bill, Paul and Barry.

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