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Manchester Walking Football 70s March 2019 — 5 Comments

  1. This was excellent to see and turning out as underage keeper for Preston it was an enjoyable day, to see so many 70 year old guys enjoying a game of football was fantastic. Hope the new over 70’s continues.

  2. Another important day in the time-line of the GMWFL. The first, we think, over 70’s league. There have been a handful of Cup competitions, but this is a trophy won over 84 games involving seven teams. Great stuff Bill and Paul.

    The first round of fixtures, as far as I could see, was played with great spirit and enjoyed by all. Thanks everyone.

    Steve Colesby

  3. The day went very well indeed in my opinion.

    Organisation ran like a Swiss watch, there were no delays and I think we even finished a couple of minutes early! The level of competitiveness was for the most part sensible, certainly watching from the touchline.
    Some might think games were brisk – indeed for septuagenarians it was rapid, but I saw hardly any instances of both feet off the ground ‘flying’ and I took about 350 photographs!

    I’m confident, like you that is the nations first Over 70’s walking football league and the importance of this going forward should not be underestimated. Well done to all concerned, and on a more personal note, well done to our team for such a good start and thanks to all of our opponents. There are links to photo’s and video on our Tameside Striders website (Google Tamestriders). Thanks.

  4. An excellent day of very veteran football. A delight to see fifty or so seventy year olds strutting their stuff. This is very poignant to me as my Dad (also a goalkeeper) died when he was only 71 and he would have loved to see this new age of football take off like it has.

    Well done to Bill and his team for getting this groundbreaking league started and we all wish it the greatest success. Everyone is looking forward to April. The results don’t matter, being there and taking part is a true reward in itself.

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