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  1. Spot on reporting again, thanks Kev. Didn’t see any of the 70s games but I know they are always very keenly fought and always some very good football played. Managed to catch a few of the first division games, all very tight games with running right on the edge all the time by all the teams. The odd goal here and there will settle this division, although Wakefield have the experience to put a run together (no pun intended).

    As for the 2nd division, very much the same tight games, but I did say last month the teams that have strikers on form will push for the top, although I do think this month the defences were very much on top.

    As for my team, Manchester Corinthians, a bit of luck and calm heads in front of goal would make a big difference. The rest of their game is sound. On a personal note I still have a couple of health issues to deal with, but I’ll be hoping to play some part for one of our teams soon. Mick Tarpey

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