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  1. This comment from Blackpool AFC Senior Seasiders Chairman Les Turner is on the News page Comments but I feel that it’s well worth repeating here.

    A big THANK YOU to Mick Tarpey of Roach Dynamos for the best example of sportsmanship that I have ever see on a football pitch.

    Mick won a penalty against us and stepped up to take it. Our keeper saved it but the ref (wrongly) said that the kick had to be retaken because Mick has taken more than one step. Mick stepped up to retake the penalty and tapped it to our keeper saying that it was the wrong decision and if he hadn’t scored with more than one step then he didn’t deserve to score.

    Mick’s sportsmanship cost his team three points and himself the Golden Boot for being top goalscorer BUT he did the right thing. An example to us all.

    Les Turner, Chairman AFC Blackpool Senior Seasiders

  2. Just had a repair done to my shoulder, it was a day case, full anaesthetic operation. It’s an injury from last May, caused by a fall during a game. It’s not caused much pain but irritable when waking up for the during the night peeing sessions. I’m in a sling for 4-6 weeks, so no footy until end of January.

    I played in all the Heywood 60’s and 65’s comp’s for Blackpool. Fantastic Comp’s and brilliant organisation. Looking forward to next years Comp’s, bring it on, especially the new 70’s comp (are Zimmer frames allowed?). Merry Christmas to all my new W/Footy mates, a great bunch of lads, long may they play the game they love.

    PS anyone out there play for “The Gardeners Arms” mid sixties?

  3. Just got to say that taking up walking football has given me a second footballing career when I honestly thought my playing days were over! I loved playing, eventually having to retire at 40, although coaching and managing at junior level kept me in touch.

    I missed the camaraderie and banter so much – but now thanks to Paul, Steve and all of the guys both at Rochdale AFC and the other clubs, not to mention Bill and the other marvellous officials of the league I can look forward to playing for many years to come. Brilliant. Thank you.

  4. I am minded to write to you concerning the conduct of one of the Roach Dynamos players last Friday.

    The player involved was Mick Tarpey and it revolved around a penalty taken in the game against AFC Blackpool Senior Seasiders. Mick had his penalty saved but the referee ordered a re-take as he had taken more than the one step during the shot. Mick pointed out to the referee that that wasn’t the correct ruling as the penalty was missed, and he then refused to take a second kick.

    This was a highly commendable action and one which shows off the Walking Football Etiquette at it’s highest level. Not only did this deny Roach a possible game winner but also denied Mick the outright winning of the golden boot award for the tournament. He is to be praised as a true gentleman of the game and reflects their club’s wonderful attititude to the game we play.

    • Steve, I think it’s great that you have taken the time to highlight Mick’s sportsmanship in the leagues finals session of the Autumn league. Full marks as well to Mick for his unselfish actions that epitomises what this league is all about. See ‘Top Man Mick’ in the Forum.

      • It was just the right thing to do, I want to win as much as the next player but the keeper made a great save, end of. So I’d just like to thank you for pointing out the event but I, like all of us, are there to enjoy the day.
        All the best, Mick Tarpey, Roach Dynamos.

  5. Another excellent series of Walking Football competitions.

    The standard continues to improve and the smooth running of the days is a credit to Bill, Paul and Barry.
    It is no mean feat keeping 140 plus competitive and highly motivated chaps in line. Congratulations to the
    referees who have the most difficult job in watching 14 creepers and joggers and combatants all at the
    same time.

    We are looking forward to the extension to the competitions next year to include Over 65 and Over 70 levels.
    More football for more players. Who will be the first to turn out a 75+ team ? We are getting there.

    Have a great Christmas break from competitions, The Senior Seasiders are disappointed that their regular
    Monday sessions have been cancelled due to Christmas and New Year’s Days!! Where is the commitment?

    Steve Hyde (AFC Blackpool SS Secretary)

  6. Again many thanks for allowing the Wakefield Wanderers to participate in the GMWF League – it is the best organised league we have seen with referees who have an understanding and awareness of the rules and use them effectively. All the teams in Division 3 are to be commended and we certainly had to win it the hard way – think any of them would not be out of place in Division 2.

    We really appreciate the work that Bill, Paul and Barry do in the background to improve and extend the reach of Walking Football to the increasing number of participants.

    Niall ODonnell, Chairman Wakefield Walking Football.

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