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  1. Excellent start Bill. There is an issue around footwear – close to my heart…and my instep. Soon resolved though I hope.

    Paragraph four above? I think it was Rochdale Stroller’s who registered the biggest win of the day v Maccabi – not Chadderton. A mere detail.

    Weather was very kind and the facilities were excellent, really hard to see how they might be bettered. A Portaloo by the pitches 🙂 (Joking). Great to be a part of it, a game or two more would be good, going forward. Congrats to all who organised and took part. A day to live long in the memory to be honest. I only spent fifteen minutes on the pitch but it lingers in the memory. The Nash Amblers may bring a slightly smaller squad next time but this a really good learning curve to be a part of. Will post on the forum too. Referee’s were good to very good. Some confusion around rules but that’s the most thankless job in the world and ‘encouragement’ or otherwise from the touchline doesn’t always help. Have a good holiday.

    • We are debating the footwear issue, it’s basically do we ban moulded studs or not. Opinion among players differs. You are correct Alan it was the Strollers, must pay attention in future!

      Eventually we hope to see 4 divisions of 5 teams, which will mean 4 games for each team, plus of course 4 pitches and 4 referees. I think the optimum squad number is 8. Three of our lads didn’t get much game time but I am probably the worlds worst for playing my best available team. Agree about the referees, excellent performances and made it a real walking football day.

  2. Great day Bill.

    We all thoroughly enjoyed it (although we shot ourselves in the foot bringing 4 subs and weakening the team
    by playing them all in rotation!!). Thought one foul against our midfield chap deserved a two minute benching penalty but otherwise the 2 refs were firm, fair and consistent.

    Worth the long journey, but would be nice to get 4 games in (hopefully if numbers increase). Paul was talking about using 3/4 pitches at a future stage.

    Looking forward to March and a Summer Over 65’s should be well worth a punt. Well organised, well run and a friendly day out in the end at “Last of the Summer Wine, Boys Behaving Badly’s Match of the Day”.

    Steve H (AFC Blackpool)

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