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  1. The game was formulated for over 60’s, and should be kept that way. If under 60’s want to play, then I feel they should play with under 60’s. I am 70 and the actual physical condition of our bodies deteriorates more rapidly as we get older (muscle wastage etc). We cannot cope with the strength or speed of reaction of anybody under 60. We have all been given a chance to enjoy playing the beautiful game at our pace and a new lease of life. Don’t let it be spoiled, when all we want is to play without fear of what could be crippling, or even life threatening injuries.

  2. I think it is ok as it is pitch wise, it means the teams have to find a way to score. The pitch and facilities are brilliant, my team are getting used to playing walking football and we are improving. Looking forward to April, the organisers are brilliant.

  3. While to some extent I agree with what is being said about the difficulty of scoring, the good thing is that it means that all the games are very close fought affairs. We recently played in a tournament where the goals were wider although not as high. Goals were easy to score and scores of six or seven nothing were commonplace. There is a danger that teams might become fed up and stop coming and that would defeat the whole purpose of the competition.

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