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  1. Another brilliant day in great surroundings and fabulous facilities. We in Blackpool are very jealous.

    Congrats to Bill and his team for organising the whole event so well. It is always difficult to manage
    the expectations of around 70 – 80 competitively minded chaps each with their own agenda.

    The format is developing and improving each time we come along. The refereeing is now more consistant
    and relevant to the age group. There will always be someone who is not happy and you can’t please everyone.
    They are “drains” rather than “radiators” also known as BMW’s (Bloody moaning whingebags).

    Well done all the teams and individuals who won a pot, but I think all the teams were winners by just getting sides out and competing (at our age we really should know better). Blackpool were just glad to celebrate their first goal in open play after 15 games of trying (last and only goal was a penalty in our 1st game), but it was against our B team!

    Looking forward to the 65’s day coming up and the Autumn 60’s festival. Keep on Walking, folks.

    • Cheers Steve, it’s good to know that at least some appreciate the effort that goes into organising leagues and tournaments. We know that we cannot get everything 100% right but we are having a good go at it. As you say all the teams were winners.

      Who would have thought we would still be playing football in our 60’s, or in my case 70’s?

  2. I think I will reply privately to some of the points you have raised Bill, but just to correct you, this was in fact the second trophy ‘The Nash Amblers’ have managed to win in just three attempts. Despite your surprising alternative statistical efforts to suggest the contrary, we did win the runner-up trophy at Heywood last week.

    You are probably right in saying it ‘won’t be the last.’

    Furthermore I will state publicly that I thought individual player medals would have been in order for yourselves, Vintage Celtic as winners and the runners up. Perhaps a mere couple of pounds extra per club, per round of fixtures could take care of this kind of recognition. Perhaps a minimum of four appearances throughout could be the cut off point. Alternatively, we are happy to reward our own players in this way. This was an outstanding performance, especially in April when we won all four games without conceding a goal.

    Well done on coming up with the idea. We hope to be back – perhaps with two teams.

    • So now it’s lack of individual medals you’re not happy about? Most leagues or tournaments are now charging £50 per team, we are trying to keep the cost reasonable and do not see the need for individual medals at our age. By all means have your own internal presentation if that’s what makes you happy.

      The medal issue follows your complaints about footwear, which incidentally wasn’t a problem for the many other players in the league. You then commented on the fact that referees were not inspecting players footwear before the matches. Next it was the number of games played per session, which we had no control over due to the number of teams in the league at the time. Referee pitch allocation followed, which we resolved, your query regarding the method of final league placings, and finally referee team allocation last Friday.

      It seems you are not happy with anything we as a league try to do. Perhaps you should consider starting your own league, then you can have full control of all matters, which appears to be your objective. In the meantime we will try our best to carry on as normal and hopefully make the league a success, which most people think we are achieving already.

      Regarding my comment that “This was their first trophy in competitive league walking football and I am sure it won’t be their last.” The clue was in league walking football as I am sure this is the first league competition you have entered, at least according to your website. I assume your first trophy was for a joint third placing at Wigan in a one day tournament, correct me if I am wrong.

      You say “Despite your surprising alternative statistical efforts to suggest the contrary, we did win the runners up trophy at Heywood last week” Why should an alternative method be ‘surprising’ and suggest that you weren’t really runners up? I was merely pointing out that there could have been alternative methods of deciding the placings and this was one of them.

      • Well said ……organising an event is a thankless job and those responsible should be applauded and not challenged on every issue.
        Some people are never happy no matter what!

  3. Bill’s comments and analysis spot on again. By every measure Celtic were winners.
    The organisation, facilities and standard of refereeing of this tournament was of the highest order. Paul and Bill, and the refs, have set the bar at a high level for the next ‘season’. Well done.

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