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Manchester Walking Football May 2024 — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for your kind comments lads, appreciated.
    Jim – the secret is – I just make them up!
    Ken – I’m sure you didn’t have a slip of the finger there, my style of writing is much more like a kid from the Simpsons cartoons than William Shakespeare.

  2. Very thorough reporting as usual Kev, beats me how you recall the details, well done!
    Coming from someone who struggles to remember my team mates names, occasionally.

  3. Thanks Kev for the report, very close as usual in the Division 1 and could go to any of the 3 sides, but Wakefield have been there and done it before and it may just give them that little advantage. Good luck to all the teams involved.

    Hopefully my team, Manchester Corinthians, can get the points they need to secure their place in Division 2, then push on for a run at the title in September. On a personal note, I hope to be fit enough to play a small part in the 65s Manchester Corinthians Whites in June, but it’s out off my hands. I will just try to improve and impress in training. See you all soon Mick T, Manchester Corinthians.

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