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  1. Hi, unfortunately I was unable to play in November due to injury so I was down as a supporter. In the games I watched they were competitive but some of the tackles were a bit overboard and it won’t be long before someone is badly injured.

    The referees do a very good job but they must be a lot firmer and any player committing a deliberate foul, bringing a player down, or running to get back in a defending position should be sent to the sin bin for 2 minutes. No second chance and hopefully this will make players more aware of their actions, after all its supposed to be non contact.

  2. We had a good day (The Nash Amblers and Bees) and have transformed our chances in the space of just one round of fixtures. Which shows almost anything can happen, and probably will next month.

    We enjoy gathering at Heywood for these games, even though they impact on our regular internal sessions sometimes.

    On a constructive note – we understand it’s easier to keep fixtures and pitches the same month after month, but as I said to Paul and yourself it would be an improvement if Referees could be alternated/rotated a little more.

    Personally the day was all I expected it to be but subsequent reports from our players of an incident on one pitch, and later observations of some reckless physical contact have concerned me, as the organiser of our group of players. I hope you and Paul, as organisers of this exceptional league can nip this in the bud. As you say we are ALL old enough to know much better. We ALL have a responsibility to behave appropriately.

    Thanks to Bees opponents on the day (I play with Bees), Bolton ‘B’, Bury Relics and Wakefield Wanderers for some good games played in a decent spirit – of course we all can get a little exuberant at times, including myself. Yet there was no hint of nastiness in our games in Division Three. There is a report of our day on our ‘tamestriders’ website as well as some Bees and Amblers video featuring Rochdale Striders/Strollers/Bolton B and soon Wakefield too.

    I have given all of our players a route to get here and comment if they wish. I hope some do so. All of the one hundred plus men who took part on Friday should make the most of this forum in my opinion, and the opportunity to have the ‘free club website’ which is on offer.

    In closing I look forward to the Over 65 competition next week with Tameside Striders.

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