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Manchester Walking Football November 2019 — 2 Comments

  1. The quality of play has improved immeasurably and teams in all age groups and divisions are really knocking the ball about well, using the space. I’ve played in the 60s, 65s and over 70s this month and noticed far more passes are going to feet and ball control is improving rapidly.

    The transition from 5-a-side to walking football is hard, as in the former you pass a couple of yards ahead, whereas now if you do that it makes the receiver run to get it and get penalised. The refereeing standard is really high and I like the fact that they the referees, will talk to you about their decisions or warn you, without blowing up all the time making it stop start.

    The popularity of the league is off course testament to the way it’s being run.

  2. Well done to everyone who played, refereed, managed, spectated and organized Thursday’s event.

    Difficult conditions but excellent football on show. I never knew that these new fangled goalkeeping gloves
    could store so much water. It was like having an extra kilogram of weight hanging off your wrists!

    Finally dried out.

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