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Manchester Walking Football November 2023 — 12 Comments

  1. Congratulations to all the players for an excellent set of walking football matches, played in very windy conditions on Thursday. Heads up and a thank you to the referees and organisers for once again making it happen at Heywood.

    Last set of league fixtures in Division 4 is going to be very interesting indeed.

  2. Thanks for the great report and for updating the results and tables so efficiently through the season. Although my team Winstanley are in a strong position, every game we have played so far has been very competitive and played in a great spirit.

  3. Thanks for updating the table, results and writing these reports. They definitely get read and I always forward the links on to our team WhatsApp group chat. Keep up the great work and thanks again for everything you guys do.

  4. A new month dawns so that means another round of matches at Heywood to look forward to for both the Winstanley Walkers FC teams in the 60’s Div4 & the 65’s also in Div 4

    Always a great mornings walking football with all the teams playing the matches in a great spirit, it shows that walking football can be competitive but also fun.

  5. Informative, unbiased reports from kev as usual, brilliant. The support on Thursdays in all weather is excellent and great for morale. I love this game!

  6. Always a pleasure to come along and watch. Great commitment from the lads, especially those who travel long distances – Fleetwood, Blackpool spring to mind. Walking football is underrated in my opinion, apart from the social side, the standard of football is first class. Kudos to Kev for his erudite reports (not a type of glue, John Hudson), hopefully back playing soon, there’s nothing like it. It’s what we do.

  7. Outstanding reporting and more importantly very fair and unbiased reporting. With this amount of sportsmanship on show all should be proud of the organisers behind it, the referees who manage the games and the 99.9 percent of the players who attend from far and wide.

  8. I concur with my team mate Steve Hyde, who had another really great set of games on Wednesday. 5 against 5 made it a very open game with more space of course so made it a quicker game to play in really.

  9. Great report Kevin. We at Blackpool always enjoy our trips to Heywood and have witnessed some exceptional sportsmanship over the last 7 or 8 years (a refusal to score from a wrongly ordered retaken penalty by Mike Tarpey is still firm in our minds).
    Wednesday’s decision may well have cost us Division 1 status for Spring 2024. But the integrity of the game remains in place. Long may this happen.

  10. Great report, it comes as no surprise with the sportsmanship shown by teams in this league, well done all involved. All the divisions are very strong and my team Manchester Corinthians are struggling a bit at the moment. It’s fine lines but we will rally and get back to our best.

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