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Manchester Walking Football Over 65 April 2018 — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks from all at Wakefield for the update and indeed for running the league so effectively.

    Think all appreciated that having 7 teams would make organisation difficult and that has proven to be the case.

    Clear that scoring goals in the 10 minute matches was a challenge with so many scoreless draws and so switching to 20 minutes seemed like the sensible option but understand that there will be some teething problems. As noted if you get another 1 or 3 sides planning will become easier.

  2. Cold day but most games played as walking football. With the change of format it was difficult to ensure equal fixtures. It was apparent that one team have not grasped the concept of walking football and would appear that the competition rules are not understood. Reminded me of an experience at Northwich in the Cheshire Walking Football League.

  3. “You just cannot win sometimes” – I know the feeling. Look at the table!

    That said Bill, I hope my expression of ‘disquiet’ about fixtures was not regarded as the solitary ‘complaint’.

    Because it wasn’t.

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