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Manchester Walking Football Over 65 March 2018 — 3 Comments

  1. Well done to all. It was a good day out once more, the games played in a good spirit. I prefer the Over 65 format, just seems that bit more enjoyable. I agree with Kenneth, there is not much that could be done better – anywhere. New rule amendments are cutting down physicality. Some limited running yes, but that’s endemic nationwide and we’re as guilty as the next. The Referees’s cut out the worst of it.

    Thanks to the Ref’s and the Organisers. We should be good for an Over 70’s Cup entry too.

    Some game video is on our website (GMWF Over 65 league page).

  2. It sounds another fantastic and well organised day lads, keep up the good work.
    Guy, Third Space Seniors WFC

  3. Another well run 65’s round yesterday. Seems to be a better rapport with the referees, they have a hard job to do and things are getting even better.

    I play for Blackpool SS but originally from Langley estate just up the road. I did live in Heywood for a year, and played for Hooley Bridge. I also played for Hollins Secondary Modern football team and on leaving, played for The Gardeners Arms.

    The main reason for this comment is, yesterday after face booking, I met up with an old school and Gardeners Arms football team mate at the games. It’s been over 50 years since we last played together, alas his knees won’t allow him to play.

    Thanks to the gang that organise these fixtures, couldn’t be done much better, only sorting the weather out. I am looking forward to seeing the 70’s competition. I’ll be one of the young ones, 71.

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