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  1. A very good account of a memorable walking football event. A rather sultry morning which made tough demands on players and on Referees. A special word of praise for them.

    Tameside Senior Striders showed their more youthful counterparts how it’s done with an unbeaten run to the final. We always say ‘results matter but are not important’ and losing the penalty shoot out was met with a shrug of the shoulders rather than any inquest or self-criticism.

    Well done Rochdale Reds. We were delighted with the way the morning went for us and hope we were fair playing opponents for the teams we faced on the day. All of whom deserve credit for the way the games were played. Newcomers Huddersfield were especially impressive and I hope they return – Birmingham too. There is extensive video of a few of our games on Tameside Striders youtube channel but I’m afraid the commentaries are often a bit one sided, you can always mute the sound.

    I think we shall be back in November with the Over 70’s squad – the higher up the age bracket the more enjoyable walking football seems to become – my only regret is I’m too young to compete for a place with the Seniors at the moment.

    Thanks for linking the photo’s within the report, anyone is welcome to help themselves to what’s on Flickr – a credit would be nice, there will be a few more going up in a day or so (mostly other teams). Thanks for the organisation and the report Bill.

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