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Manchester Walking Football Over 70s Cup Tournament — 7 Comments

  1. Always look fwd to playing at Heywood, well organised and intelligent refs using common sense. I’ve played in the three age groups and I think everyone agrees, the older the group the more enjoyable. I think we realise it takes longer for us relics to recover from injury.

    I’m looking forward to the 70’s league next season, I just hope we get a good turn out. There’s always the spare player pool for struggling teams, a great idea but my manager keeps putting me in it, despite being our best player. 😎🐝

    Happy new year to all my walking footy mates in all the teams.πŸπŸ†πŸ†

  2. How refreshing to participate in a tournament that was played in the true spirit of the game. The quality of refereeing was second to none and players of all the teams naturally respected that.

    I have to say that I was filled with pride to be part of such a good team, not to mention a great set of β€˜lads’.
    Many thanks to the organisers for such an enjoyable day. Once a Senior Seasider, always a Senior Seasider.

  3. Well done to the organisers for making it a really enjoyable day. The match format was great as there was no waiting about between matches and the referees were excellent as usual. I never thought that I’d be buying shin pads and playing competitively in my 70’s. Thanks to all the participants who competed in the right spirit.

  4. Another excellent day of “competitive” football played in the right spirit between a great set of “gentlemen”. All down to the strict refereeing and fair play by all the sides.

    Nice that the Very Senior Seasiders can show our younger colleagues back on the coast how to bring back a trophy. Thanks to all the teams taking part. A brilliant day.

    Also thanks to Paul and the staff at Life4Link for a great spread afterwards.

  5. Many thanks from the lads at Wakefield for the chance to play. We only had 6 men and gather they performed well throughout – they were all cream crackered and certainly must have slept well on Thursday night. Thanks to Paul, Bill and Matt, the referees and all who stood in to help organise and run the day.
    Niall ODonnell Chairman Wakefield Walking Football

  6. Well done lads, no goals conceded can’t be bettered. The way my 60’s are struggling, maybe I should take the 70’s team with me on December 6th for the last fixtures and save us from relegation.

  7. Brilliant, congratulations Blackpool and to all the players who took part. Playing in the over 60’s GMWF League has really put something that was missing for over 15 years back and providing I stay healthy there a future in the game for myself and hundreds of other players.

    As normal a big thanks to the refs and the organisers of this and all the other GMWF League tournaments and congratulations to all who took part yesterday.

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