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Manchester Walking Football September 2017 — 5 Comments

  1. Another excellent day out at Heywood. Brilliantly organised by Bill, Barry and Paul (as usual).

    Great competition in all 3 divisions and welcome to the new guys who have added well to the overall competition.

    Hopefully we can produce a joint Fleetwood/Blackpool B team (hampered by injuries, holidays and old age
    in making a group of our own). This will give Division 3 an extra game each.

    Thanks again, see you all in October.

  2. First time for me and my team mates from Roach Dynamos. Really enjoyed the whole day, we were a bit green to start with but we were pleased with the way the day went. Would like to thank the refs and the organisers for putting the whole thing on. Had a good laugh off the pitch with the lads from the other teams and a great tussle with them on it. Really missed the buzz of playing football, was a great feeling doing it again although my feet didn’t think so on Saturday. Looking forward to next month, thanks again, Mick – Roach Dynamos.

  3. A very well organised day apart from the log jam at the start to get everyone registered. The reminder about teams getting there a bit earlier to avoid a late rush should be heeded by all. Whoever organised the weather also did a grand job. Many thanks from the lads at Wakefield for allowing us to join in.

  4. An excellent session enjoyed by everyone I came into contact with. Can I ask you to encourage the referees to make use of the ‘sin bin’ and red cards as a number of players appeared to forget it is a non-contact sport. As I was on the end of what would have been a red card tackle in normal football, it was unnecessary in this form of the game.

    Great organisation and thanks again for enabling so many to enjoy the game.

  5. Thanks for that summary of an interesting September session Bill.

    From a personal point of view I do think it’s a better idea to introduce promotion and relegation at the end of the ‘season’ it gives teams an opportunity to gauge their progress against the same regular opponents. It takes a lot of commitment to organise this alongside running your own team/s which I know can be time consuming in itself. I will look at the opportunities the website provides later when I get some time. I hope more people and teams avail themselves of the site and contribute to the forum more as the months go by.

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