Here’s the video of the ARD German TV coverage of our final session of the Greater Manchester Over 60’s Walking Football Autumn League in December. Unfortunately most of the commentary is in German.

Manchester Walking Football

Manchester Walking Football

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Greater Manchester Walking Football League

The Greater Manchester Walking Football League was launched initially to provide regular competitive football for the many over 60’s walking footballers. Players in their 60’s and 70’s are often giving away 10 years or more to younger players in normal Over 50’s competitions and this doesn’t create a level playing field.

Generally the younger players are fitter, more energetic, have better balance, are less likely to have replacement hips and knees, don’t suffer as many injuries and recover quicker when they are injured.

With Greater Manchester having the most walking football clubs in any area of the UK, and the sport being the fastest growing activity for the older generation, setting up a league in the area was a natural progression.

Seeing the demand for this category of walking football, I decided to enquire if teams were interested in playing in an over 60’s league format. The response was encouraging and the first to embrace the idea was Paul Gardner of Rochdale Link4Life.

Paul and his colleague Barry Woodburn are now two of the three administrators of the league. Paul, with his wealth of experience in organising and running tournaments is a great asset and Barry’s work behind the scenes and on match days is much valued.

Andrew Whitaker, the Football Development Officer – Disability and Inclusion, from the Lancashire FA has also been a great help in getting the Greater Manchester Walking Football League affiliated and sanctioned to that organisation. Thanks Andrew.

The league has been developed to provide a regular opportunity for teams across Greater Manchester, Lancashire and its bordering counties to compete in sporting competition and enjoy great social inter action.

The Greater Manchester Walking Football League runs in seasons, Spring and Autumn, with each season consisting of 4 fixture dates. All fixture dates take place on the new 3G facility at Heywood Sports Village, West Starkey Street, Heywood, OL10 4TW.

Further innovation came in the form of an Over 65’s League, which was introduced in February 2018, where seven teams entered the inaugural division. In the same year two Over 70’s Cup Tournaments were introduced, probably the first in the country. An Over 70’s League is now on the horizon.

A big vote of thanks is given to all the teams who entered the initial league season started in February 2017, AFC Blackpool Senior Seasiders, AFC Blackpool Very Senior Seasiders, Bolton Wanderers, Chadderton FC WF, Fleetwood Town Flyers, Maccabi Old Codgers, Nash Amblers, Rochdale Striders, Rochdale AFC Strollers and Vintage Celtic. We hope you are all convinced you made the right decision in being inaugural members of the league, have enjoyed the competition, and of course, will return for future seasons.

Manchester Walking Football

Manchester Walking Football

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