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Manchester Walking Football December 2021 — 5 Comments

  1. I represent a group of Canadian seniors, mostly late 60/over70 age group. We still play regular football, no superstars or ex pros, just a bunch of guys still running a bit. Some of us visited England in 2017 and played a couple of games with the Grimsby Ancient Mariner Walking Football Club.

    Had a great social one day event with them. So much so everyone wants to do it again, coming again in August 2022 hopefully. We are off to Scotland for Edinburgh Festival and a game or two with Falkirk and Inverness. Again with walking football clubs. Full field, unlimited subs, no slide tackles etc. Followed by a social with beer, bragging and food.

    All games that we have played with walking football teams have been very even and a great social atmosphere. We hear comments like “I have not played a regular game in a number of years and since joining walking football have always wondered if I could handle a regular game. Now that I have and enjoyed it so much I want to do it again”

    Thus we got asked to come back, hence this trip. Our itinerary has lots of planning yet to be done. If there is any interest from some of your older walking football guys, please get back to me and we will see what we can arrange. Mike Walls

  2. Another excellent summary and update on the final positions.
    Would echo the comments about the way the GMWFL is run and organised – it’s now a well honed operation and it has grown and continues to expand each year due to the dedication of Paul, Bill, Steve, Barry and Garry.
    Many thanks from all at Wakefield Wanderers – after 6 consecutive winning seasons we lost out to a well organised Manchester Corinthians team but as you have noted the competition only gets stronger and every team needs to keep looking over their shoulder.

  3. Thanks Steve, your comments are appreciated. When Paul and I started the league in late 2016 we never imagined how it would grow to it’s present size. It’s thanks to ALL the Officials that the league has a reputation as arguably the best in the country.

  4. Thank you Bill Murney, for your comments regarding the efforts of the other officials of the GMWFL.
    I think that I speak for everyone involved with our league, when I thank you for the huge amount of work you do behind the scenes.
    The GMWFL is an outstanding league, due in no small part, to the tireless work you do behind the scenes.
    Well done and long may it continue.

    Steve Colesby
    Rochdale AFC WFC

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