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Manchester Walking Football October 2019 — 2 Comments

  1. It’s great to be back playing in the best organised league. I had a double bypass heart op at the end of March this year, and was itching to get back.

    The camaraderie, jokes etc all go to make a great day out, (it helps being top of our league). I have been playing for Blackpool SS for over four years now, and having played at numerous venues, love the Heywood set up, but we could do with a few more 70s teams.

    Keep up the great work lads, Ken P.

  2. Another excellent set of games at Heywood in the month of October.

    Well done Bill, Steve, Barry and Paul setting up the place and fixtures for us. The League goes from
    strength to strength. Well done referees who all do the job that we don’t want to. Much appreciated.

    Having played in the 60’s, 65’s and 70’s competitions I am now looking forward to a “quiet” week off with
    the three grandchildren !!!!!

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