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Martin Dawson Trophy 2017 — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks again from AFC Blackpool for the organisation of the Competition. Always difficult when the weather tries to take over the event. The guys all enjoyed their day out and look forward to the next round of the GM League in October. Cheers

  2. A very well run event with very helpful staff, good companionship with the other teams and the best set of referees we have encountered. We will definitely be back. Enjoyed the Manchester sunshine too.

    Many thanks from all the Hartshill Strollers players.

  3. A great days football despite the weather. This was the best organised tournament we have played in and standard of referees was excellent. All participants were competitive but in a non aggressive way. Hope to meet up with you all again sometime in better conditions.

  4. Despite the weather this was an enjoyable experience. Perhaps the friendliest tournament I have experienced with a lack of tension about the games although of course, we all wanted to win if possible. The Refereeing helped a lot of course. Well done to the organisers for ‘thinking on their feet’ and reaching a sensible, alternative format.

    Respect to Maureen and to the memory of her late Husband, who I’m sure would be pleased to know his name is honoured in this way annually. More on our own website in due course, including links to photo’s and some video of us and some of our opponents. Unfortunately the monsoon like conditions meant video had to be curtailed and we couldn’t shoot our last match v. Vintage Celtic.

  5. Just a quick thank you to you all from the players and supporters of Blackburn Rovers WF 60+ team for a great day yesterday. We all thoroughly enjoyed what was our second trip to Heywood. In spite of the appalling weather it was a well run, friendly afternoon with quite a few familiar faces and a number of new ones as well. 

    The weather may think it won but the real winners were the 100 or so players, refs, administrators and spectators who all got together and made it all worth while.

    Although I didn’t know Martin but I’m sure that he was looking on and would have been pleased as punch with the day, walking football bringing people together and providing a stage for physical and mental stimulation and friendship which benefits so many.

    Thanks again, I trust that you will be repeating next year (although maybe not quite with so much rain!), and assuming that you are, please count us in.

    All the best
    Tony Jones
    Blackburn Rovers WF

  6. Hi Bill

    Thank you for the invite, we really struggled to raise a squad due to holidays and injuries and loaned a keeper from Man City to make up the team. We all really enjoyed it, and all the games were played in good spirit and a very sporting manner. The condition weren’t great but some of the passing and movement of the teams and goalkeeping was very impressive.

    The refereeing was also to a high standard. We commented about the checking of id which is a good move, as we have entered competitions previously where ‘ringers’ have been allowed to play. The Lovely spread of food and drink was most welcome after the games. Thank you and congratulations on a great event. We will be interested in being invited to your future events.

    Bob Hey – Huddersfield WF

  7. Many thanks from all at Wakefield for the invite to play and for the chance to retain the trophy. Wish we had the chance to have battled it out with Blackburn or Vulcans but crikey it was wet and we were relieved to be coming in after standing in the Lancashire rain!

    Great organisation from Bill and Paul, you certainly are leading in the tournament organisation stakes! The referees were some of the best we have encountered – many thanks to all the opponents for the spirit in which the games were played.

    Niall ODonnell, Chairman Wakefield Walking Football – follow us on Facebook.

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