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Martin Dawson Trophy 2018 — 6 Comments

  1. Brilliant day, congratulations to all the teams involved, all played in the right spirit. Congratulations to the winners Sheffield WFC.

    Thanks to the refs who did their usual great job and with a smile on their faces. The organisers are to be congratulated, not just for the original setting up off the event, but the last minute alterations that they had to do.

    I hope Martin’s family enjoyed the day as much as the players did. Hope to see you all again next season.

    Mick Tarpey, Manchester Corinthians

  2. Well done Bill, great competition and congratulations to all the trophy winners.

    Only one point of concern from Blackpool. That was the five times taken penalty in the 1-0
    defeat to Sheffield (due to the player taking more than 1 step on 4 occasions !!). Bizarre.

    Many thanks to Mike from Vintage Celtic for stepping in as our goalkeeper due to unfortunate family
    circumstances. Top man.

    • This was entirely my fault Steve. I emailed the referee Mick Hill a couple of weeks ago with the rules which stated “If a player has taken two steps or more and scores, the goal is disallowed and the kick retaken.”

      We changed the rule to read “the kick is not retaken” last week and I forget to update Mick, who correctly applied the rules sent to him. Apologies.

  3. An impressive competition. Highly competitive ‘football’ as the report suggests. Well done to the winners, and to the organisers for coping with the delayed arrivals. All Referees were very good. Many of the games were closer to ‘football’ than walking football though – I say that as a neutral spectator for an hour or so.

    So great credit to Halifax for setting the example of ‘how walking football should be played’. I would very much like to arrange a friendly game in the future. Paul Stead please google ‘Tamestriders’ website and get in touch with your contact details if you fancy one.

    Well done to the finalists and the winners – the geographical radius of teams attending does the organisers great credit. None of the above comments are intended as criticism.

    • OK, Alan, thanks for your comments. I’ll Google you and see what we can arrange! We really enjoyed the day, a very well organised tournament and great facilities. Paul Stead, Halifax WFC.

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