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Manchester Walking Football Over 65 May 2018 — 3 Comments

  1. Another boring day at Heywood, the usual rubbish. Well run and organised as usual, excellent buffet prepared by that bloke, what’s his name, up all night preparing. So all in all, nothing to pick holes in, organisation, referees, buffet etc etc. Just another boring day at Heywood. Looking forward to Thursday’s 70’s comp, expect that’ll be just the same, a boring and nothing to moan about day.

    Oh one more thing, the Footgolf, do you need a club foot to play?

  2. Only one way for the Wakefield lads and that is up the table. After 10 scoreless draws in the the first 12 games we conceded 10 in the last 3, we need to sack the keeper!

    Has been a well organised and a well run league with some very effective referees, so Wakefield would like to thank Bill, Barry, Paul and all the officials. Congratulations to the Rochdale lads.

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